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Goodness Gracious, aka Baby 2/22/74 - 9/12/08 - A tribute to a dear friend
Fanci was my first pony and was also my daughter, Jessica's, first pony who also lived along life to the age of 35 years, so those great genes were obviously passed along.  Fanci was tied to a tree on Christmas morning back in 1970.  When I was outgrowing Fanci who was just 12.2 hands, I begged my parents to let me breed her to a small horse owned by my blacksmith, Tommy Parris.  Baby, named so because she was dubbed "the baby" for too long and it just stuck, grew to 14.1 1/2 hands, just a half inch under the minimum measurement to be a horse, so she was classified as a large pony.  When Fanci officially retired, Baby became Jessica s show pony.  She was loaned to many other 4-H and Pony Club members for competitions throughout the years and she carried each and every one to the winner's circle at one time or another.  When Jessica was 12, I thought it was fitting to breed Baby so Jessica could raise a foal of her own.  Family Tradition, born during the
Halebop comet on April 20, 1997, was nicknamed Hailey.  Baby gave birth to her first and only foal at age 23.  This was an uncommon situation, but my vet felt she was physically capable to carry a foal and proved so with a text book pregnancy.  We now have Hailey to
carry on this "family tradition" for us.   Below you will find some of my favorite photos that will help keep her close in my heart and memories.  I hope you enjoy them too.

Amy riding Fanci and enjoying watching Baby play
in 3/74
Baby at 3 months before shedding out
her newborn coat - 5/74
Spring, 1974 - Kisses were a
common practice
Amy on Fanci and Tommy on Ghost Rider, Baby's parents
1977 - Baby took a walk through the
house with me.  My mom forbid me to
bring her inside the house ever again!
Amy and Baby at the 1978 Maryland
State Fair 4-H Western Pleasure class
Jessica and Baby in a Pleasure
over Fences class in 1995
Jessica and Baby in an English Equitation
class in 1995
Hailey, Baby's only foal born on 4/20/97
Baby punctured her eye when she was a weanling.  She had some vision in that eye for a few years, but was totally blind in the eye for most of her life.  It didn t seem to affect her as she was an accomplished jumper, pulled a cart, and competed in many types of events throughout her life.
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