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Dewey Beach, DE Doodle Romp - 5/6-5/7/06
The first annual weekend Doodle Romp at Dewey Beach was a huge success.  It was organized by David
and Amy Scott, proud owners of a Fox Creek Farm F1 mini named Arlo.  Dewey Beach is a dog friendly
community that hosts the annual Greyhound "Reach the Beach"  each year accomodating 4,000 dogs on
the beach.  It will now be home to the  Annual Dewey Doodle Romp in upcoming years.  Enjoy the photos!

"Follow the Leader"
Dewey Beach.jpg
About 40 Doodles of all sizes and colors had hours of fun playing on the beach on Saturday and Sunday.
The weather was perfect.

"Come on in!"
All the Goldendoodles playedtogether beautifully with no fights or issues.  If only humans could learn a
lesson from Goldendoodles about how to get along!

Finding the shade of an umbrella!
Pebbles - goldendoodle.jpg
Sandy looks like an experienced beach goer!  She is
owned by Dawn Burton.  She is a Lucy/Radar pup.
Sandy - goldendoodle.jpg
These two brothers have been separated since 8 weeks of age.  They found each other on the beach and
were joined at the hip for the entire weekend.  They obviously knew they were brothers.

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