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DOODLES IN DEWEY     April 24th and 25th, 2010

The weather outlook coming into the weekend didn t look good, but we ended up with a
beautiful day on the beach on Saturday.   The rain on Sunday cut the romp short, but
everyone still had lots of fun.   About 80 Doodles showed up to romp on the beach.  If you
spot your Doodle in a picture and would like his/her name added, let me know!

Grand Central Station on the Beach
Barbara Harris with two visting non-Doodle
Many of the attendees
Marcello digging his hole like he
does every year at the romp!
Marcello - goldendoodle.jpg
Posing for a picture:)
Playing with the waves
Homer, you are supposed to
meet at the beach, not the pool!
Homer - goldendoodle.jpg
Sandy and Annie are wearing their Doodle
Romp T-shirts from last years romp!
Sandy and Annie - goldendoodles.jpg
Now this dog has his owners trained well! 
Dixie is owned by Rob Hawthorne.
Barbara Harris with Roxy and Yogi
Roxy and Yogi - goldendoodles.jpg
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