We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. (www.GoldendoodleAssociation.com ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!
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F1B Mini and Medium Goldendoodles page 3
CASH-Owned by
Lee Osborne of
Houston,  TX
LEO-Owned by Samantha
Gerber & Eric Levine of New
York, NY
RAZI-Owned by
Patricia Yusuf of
Middlebury, CT
CODY-Owned by Wayne
Nummelin of Madison, CT
Cash - goldendoodle.jpg
Leo - goldendoodle.jpg
Razi - goldendoodle.jpg
Cody - goldendoodle.jpg
BAILEY-Owned by Lisa
Denning of Tarrytown, NY
KODA-Owned by Martina &
Steve Moulton of LeRoy, NY
MAGGIE-Owned by
Peggy Bross of Cogan
Station, PA
GORDON-Owned by
Diane Java of
Woodbridge, VA
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
Koda - goldendoodle.jpg
Maggie - goldendoodle.jpg
Gordon - goldendoodle.jpg
ZOE-Owned by Elizabeth
Caudill of Coto de Caza, CA
SAMPSON-Owned by Susan
Zeidner of Los Angelos, CA
ASIA-Owned by Janis
Stokes of New London, NH
ROXY-Owned by Brian &
Leslie Bowden of Lutherville,
Zoe - goldendoodle.jpg
Asia - goldendoodle.jpg
Roxy - goldendoodle.jpg
RUDY-owned by Mike Crook of
Santa Rosa, CA
HOLLY-Owned by
Jennifer & Ken Roth
of Fishers, IN
PEANUT-Owned by Craig &
Lisa Parles of Allendale, NJ
ROSIE-Owned by
Jennifer Gregory of
Monkton, MD
Rudy - goldendoodle.jpg
Holly - goldendoodle.jpg
Peanut - goldendoodle.jpg
Rosie - goldendoodle.jpg
REX-Owned by Mark
Woepse of Wayne, PA
BOOTSY-Owned by
Mustapha Khan &
Allyson Smith of
Brooklyn, NY
ZOEY-Owned by Lisa
Powers of Woodbine, MD
ABBEY-Owned by
Allison & Adam
Wysota of Weston, CT
Rex - goldendoodle.jpg
Bootsy - goldendoodle.jpg
Zoey - goldendoodle.jpg
Abbey - goldendoodle.jpg
Lynne Tag of Washington, DC
EMMA-Owned by Anne
Comfort & Joe Spitek
of Burke, VA
TIGER-Owned by Chiemi
York of Princeton, NJ
ROCKY-Owned by Rick
Hunter of Bel Air, MD
Scampers - goldendoodle.jpg
Emma - goldendoodle.jpg
Tiger - goldendoodle.jpg
Rocky - goldendoodle.jpg
JASMINE-Owned by
Glenn & Laura Dennis
of River Vale, NJ
HACKER-Owned by Donna
Izzo of Potomac, MD
HACKER-owned by Donna
Izzo of Potomac, MD
HENRY-Owned by Laura
Burke of Arlington, VA
Jasmine - goldendoodle.jpg
Hacker - goldendoodle.jpg
Hacker - goldendoodle.jpg
Henry - goldendoodle.jpg
CHLOE-Owned by Betsy
Andreini of Wheeling, WV
CHLOE-owned by Betsy
Andreini of Wheeling, WV
CHARLEY-owned by
Debbie Horton of St.
Paul, MN
SPARKY-Owned by Jude
Doorn-Mury of Wayne, NJ
Chloe - goldendoodle.jpg
Chloe - goldendoodle.jpg
Charley - goldendoodle.jpg
Sparky - goldendoodle.jpg
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Sampson - goldendoodle.jpg