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F1B Mini and Medium Goldendoodles page 5
PHOEBE-Owned by Dinah
Singer of Chevy Chase, MD
SKYLAR-Owned by Buck
& Patti Mathews of
Worthington, OH
CASEY-Owned by Gerri
Bingham of Topsfield, MA
COOPER-Owned by
Beverly Lancaster of
Herndon, VA
Phoebe - goldendoodle.jpg
Skylar - goldendoodle.jpg
Casey - goldendoodle.jpg
Cooper - goldendoodle.jpg
NOAH-Owned by Jan
Gandal of N. Bethesda, MD
COCOA-Owned by the Choo
family of Baltimore, MD
Alisa Burnham of Bryn
Mawr, PA
CHACE-owned by Sandy
Caruso of Pittsburgh, PA
Noah - goldendoodle.jpg
Cocoa - goldendoodle.jpg
Sneakers - goldendoodle.jpg
Chace - goldendoodle.jpg
FLETCH-Owned by
Gretchen Baker & Ethan
Ostroff of Norfolk, VA
KNOX-Owned by Bruce
Robertson of Rockville, MD
EINSTEIN-Owned by Jeff &
Linda Zinner of Potomac,
MADDIE-Owned by Karen
Hartje of Guilford, CT
Fletch - goldendoodle.jpg
Knox - goldendoodle.jpg
Einstein - goldendoodle.jpg
Maddie - goldendoodle.jpg
OZZY-Owned by Neil &
Susan Hughes of
Potomac, MD
COLBIE-Owned by Jennifer
Clemente of Northpoint, NY
TUCKER-Owned by Elaine
Shayne of Grahanna, OH
BERKELEY-Owned by Stu &
Robbi Force of Lubbock, TX
Ozzy - goldendoodle.jpg
Colbie - goldendoodle.jpg
Tucker - goldendoodle.jpg
Berkeley - goldendoodle.jpg
MAC-Owned by Lynn Grone
of Springfield, VA
Mac - goldendoodle.jpg
ZIGGY-Owned by Susan
Becraft of Pittsburg, PA
GUS-Owned by Michelle
Strope of Somerset, PA
BELLA-Owned by Lisa
& Robert Simenauer
of Ellicott City, MD
Ziggy - goldendoodle.jpg
Gus - goldendoodle.jpg
Bella - goldendoodle.jpg
COSMO-Owned by Rich
Moon of Willow Grove, PA
THORA-Owned by
Heather Schechter of
New York, NY
TOLA-Owned by
Cassandra Percey
of Andrews AFB, MD
CHARLI-Owned by Kelley
Kruke of Scottsdale, AZ
Cosmo - goldendoodle.jpg
Thora - goldendoodle.jpg
Tola - goldendoodle.jpg
Charli - goldendoodle.jpg
BRIAN-Owned by Jennifer
Hill of Brookeville, MD
BISCUIT-Owned by
Caroline Jee of
Mountain Lakes, NJ
POOCH-Owned by
Jared & Stacy of
Denver, CO
SUMMER-Owned by Reena
Chaudary of Fairfax, VA
Brian - goldendoodle.jpg
Biscuit - goldendoodle.jpg
Pooch - goldendoodle.jpg
Summer - goldendoodle.jpg
BAILEY-Owned by Natalie
McVeigh of Chatham, NJ
MILLIGAN-Owned by Jim &
Holly Folgia of Cranford, NJ
LUCA-Owned by Wendy
Rice of Tampa, FL
NOELLE-Owned by Diane
Britton of Upper Saddle
River, NJ
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
Milligan - goldendoodle.jpg
Luca - goldendoodle.jpg
Noelle - goldendoodle.jpg
CHILI-Owned by Bob &
Rose Cohen of
Washington, DC
CODY-Owned by Melanie
Haist of Raleigh, NC
COSMO-Owned by Karen
Cicconi of Garden City, NY
KESHA-Owned by Kevin &
Sharyn Morrow of Malvern, PA
Chili - goldendoodle.jpg
Cody - goldendoodle.jpg
Cosmo - goldendoodle.jpg
Kesha - goldendoodle.jpg
DEXTER-Owned by John &
Lori Curry of Cambridge, MA
SAMMY-Owned by Mary
Colsher of Newtown Square,
MAX-Owned by Elina
Bor of Fair Lawn, NJ
BERKELEY-Owned by Nat
Green of Sunnyvale, CA
Dexter - goldendoodle.jpg
Sammy - goldendoodle.jpg
Max - goldendoodle.jpg
RUFUS-Owned by Jackie
Laumann-Coyne of
Dedham, MA
CADDY-Owned by Erin and
Matthew Fisher of N. Bethesda, MD
RILEY-Owned by Cindy & Arch
Jamieson of Ellicott City, MD
JAKE-Owned by Arlene
Amidon of Arlington, VA
Rufus - goldendoodle.jpg
Caddy - goldendoodle.jpg
Riley - goldendoodle.jpg
Jake - goldendoodle.jpg
JAKE-Owned by Arlene
Amidon of Arlington, VA
Jake - goldendoodle.jpg
TILLY-Owned by Michael &
Karen Shalett of Ridgefield, CT
RUBY-Owned by Anne
Termini of Ossining, NY
CLYDE-Owned by
Michele & Todd Melet of
Chapel Hill, NC
Tilly - goldendoodle.jpg
Ruby - goldendoodle.jpg
Berkeley - goldendoodle.jpg
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