We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. (www.GoldendoodleAssociation.com ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!
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F1B Mini and Medium Goldendoodles page 6
PERCY-Owned by Charlotte
Cameron of Houston, TX
SASHA-Owned by George
Aman of Silver Spring, MD
SKIPPER-Owned by Barb
White of Easton, CT
LIZZY-Owned by Sue
Malone of Mercersburg, PA
DUDE-Owned by Elissa
Grabow of Woodcliff Lake, NJ
BAILEY-Owned by Allison
Geballe of Carmel, NY
Percy - goldendoodle.jpg
Sasha - goldendoodle.jpg
Lizzy - goldendoodle.jpg
Dude - goldendoodle.jpg
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
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Chili - goldendoodle.jpg
CHILI - Owned by Bob & Rose Cohen Washington, DC
Skipper - goldendoodle.jpg
Moxley - goldendoodle.jpg
MOXLEY-Owned by Wayne Yaffee of Lutherville, MD
Rally - goldendoodle.jpg
RALLY-Owned by Lisa Knutzen of Allendale, NJ
Campbell - goldendoodle.jpg
CAMPBELL-Owned by Kathleen Healy of Chatham, NJ
Wilson - goldendoodle.jpg
WILSON-Owned by Deirdre Duncan of Bethesda, MD
Lexi - goldendoodle.jpg
LEXI-Owned by Betsy Kreuz of Altoona, PA
Kobi - goldendoodle.jpg
KOBI-Owned by Bob Lubran of Bethesda, MD
Rudy - goldendoodle.jpg
RUDY-Owned by Carolyn O'Brien of Caldwell, NJ
Brie - goldendoodle.jpg
BRIE-Owned by Kurtis & Kara Kick of Winchester, VA
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
BAILEY-Owned by Meghan Bondy of Annandale, VA
Maggie - goldendoodle.jpg
MAGGIE-Owned by Julie Boxley of Roanoke, VA
DOUGAL & MACKAY Owned by Carol Mertz of Fort Valley, VA
Dougal and MacKay - goldendoodle photos
Gracie - goldendoodle photo
GRACIE - Owned by Janie Cohen of Woodbine, MD
Kofi - goldendoodle photo
KOFI-Owned by Kim Young of Summersville, WV
Gidget - Goldendoodle picture
GIDGET-Owned by Mary Logan of Arlington, VA
Finnegan - goldendoodle picture
FINNEGAN-Owned by Sarah & Cameron Baird of Timonium, MD
Daisy - goldendoodle picture
DAISY-Owned by Amy Donabedian of Middleton, MA
Maggie - goldendoodle picture
MAGGIE-Owned by Elizabeth O'Meara of Winston-Salem, NC
Ginger - goldendoodle picture
GINGER-Owned by Pamela Clark of Alexandria, VA
macy - goldendoodle photo
MACY-Owned by Jaime Schaechter of Gaithersburg, MD
TOBY-Owned by Laurie Wingate of Washington, DC
Toby - goldendoodle photo
BISCUIT-Owned by Thomas Barnett of McLean, VA
Louie-Owned by Bryanna  of Avon, CT
Sky - goldendoodle photo
SKY-Owned by Makiko Togo of Mt. Kisco, NY
Biscuit - goldendoodle photo
Clyde - goldendoodle photo
CLYDE-Owned by Michele Melet of Chapel Hill, NC
Camas - Goldendoodle picture
CAMAS-Owned by Ian Cameron of Washington, DC
Louie - goldendoodle picture
DUDE-Owned by Elissa Grabow of Woodcliff Lake, NJ