We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. (www.GoldendoodleAssociation.com ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!
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RILEY - Owner Dawn Singer of
Muttontown, NY
F1 Mini/Medium Goldendoodles page 2
Riley - goldendoodle.jpg
RILEY - Owner Chris Jones of
Guilford, CT
RILEY - Owner Chris
Jones of Guilford, CT
CALVIN-Owned by Anne
Olshan of Stamford, CT
Riley - goldendoodle.jpg
Riley - goldendoodle.jpg
Calvin - goldendoodle.jpg
ROCKY-Owned by
Tom & Joanne Barnak
of Coopersburg, PA
Karen Cornelius of
New York, NY
WILSON - Owner Debbie
French of Doylestown, PA
ARLO - Owner Amy
Scott of Bethesda, MD
Rocky - goldendoodle.jpg
Casey - goldendoodle.jpg
Wilson - goldendoodle.jpg
Arlo - goldendoodle.jpg
TESSA - Owner Lisa Esak
of Oakland, NJ
TESSA - Owner Lisa Esak of
Oakland, NJ
FRITZ-Owned by
Elizabeth Welton of
Sedona, AZ
CODY - Owner Roseann
Lydon of Dix Hills, NY
Tessa - goldendoodle.jpg
Tessa - goldendoodle.jpg
Fritz - goldendoodle.jpg
Cody - goldendoodle.jpg
NEWTON - Owner John
Palastro of Springfield,
OSCAR-Owned by Fran Simon
of Potomac, MD
RHODY-Owned by
Joy & Andy McDonald
of Boston, MA
MURPHY-Owned by Susan
Brody of West Orange, NJ
Newton - goldendoodle.jpg
Oscar - goldendoodle.jpg
Rhody - goldendoodle.jpg
Murphy - goldendoodle.jpg
BEAU-Owned by Anna
Soltani of Jamaica Plain, MA
TEGAN-Owned by Nancy
Jackson-Reno of Hopkinton, NH
PEBBLES-Owned by Dave
& Judi Springgate of
Morgantown, WV
CHESTER-Owned by Pete
Kaplan of Concord, MA
Beau - goldendoodle.jpg
Tegan - goldendoodle.jpg
Pebbles - goldendoodle.jpg
Chester - goldendoodle.jpg
LOUIE-Owned by
Fred & Betsy Graver
of New York, NY
Patti Cinelli of
Washington, DC
COLBY-Owned by
Laurie Haas of
Baltimore, MD
CRUSH-Owned by
Mina Horn of
Reisterstown, MD
Louie - goldendoodle.jpg
Marcello - goldendoodle.jpg
Colby - goldendoodle.jpg
Crush - goldendoodle.jpg
BRADY-Owned by
Emily Michaud of
Greenwich, CT
BAILEY-Owned by Nancy & Bill
Barnhart of Potomac Falls, VA
DOBY-Owned by
Linda & Robert
Smith of Randolph,
Brady - goldendoodle.jpg
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
Doby - goldendoodle.jpg
LILY-Owned by Steve &
Liz Pattison of
Southport, NC
Lily - goldendoodle.jpg
RUDY-Owned by Karen
Silverman of Greenlawn,
Rudy - goldendoodle.jpg
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