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F1 Mini/Medium Goldendoodles page 3
BAILEY-Owned by Gail
Stern of Scarsdale, NY
DOUGGIE-Owned by Lisa
Parles of Allendale, NJ
DOUGGIE-Owned by Lisa
Parles of Allendale, NJ
WINSTON-Owned by Vic
Hurst of St. Petersburg, FL
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
Douggie - goldendoodle.jpg
Douggie - goldendoodle.jpg
Winston - goldendoodle.jpg
HALLY-Owned by Todd
Statler of Mechanicsburg,
COOPER-Owned by Jim
Oliver of Chevy Chase, MD
BENTLEY- Owned by
Tory Joseph of
Bethesda, MD
BENTLEY-Owned by Tory
Joseph of Bethesda, MD
Hally - goldendoodle.jpg
Cooper - goldendoodle.jpg
Bentley - goldendoodle.jpg
Bentley - goldendoodle.jpg
TALLY-Owned by Libby
King of Greenwich, CT
CESSNA-Owned by Susan
Gaston of Ft. Worth, TX
RUDY-Owned by Karen
Dillon of Ridgewood, NJ
GINGER-Owned by Annie
Holdreith of Manhasset, NY
Tally - goldendoodle.jpg
Cessna - goldendoodle.jpg
Rudy - goldendoodle.jpg
Ginger - goldendoodle.jpg
COOPER-Owned by
Nora Cyr of
Doylestown, PA
RENO-Owned by
Jeanne Heppelmann of
Eden Prairie, MN
MANDY-Owned by Jennifer
& Michael Schwartz of Coral
Springs, FL
CASEY & DARBY-Owned by Gene &
Gina Chyzowych of San Francisco, CA
CA Casey can also be seen on the
"World s First F1 Mini
Cooper - goldendoodle.jpg
Reno - goldendoodle.jpg
Mandy - goldendoodle.jpg
Casey and Darby - goldendoodles.jpg
by Betty Gorab of
Franklin Lakes, NJ
MAGGIE-Owned by
Kristin Coulter of
Potomac Falls, VA
KATIE-Owned by Barbara &
Richard Peskin of Chappaqua,
LATKE-Owned by
Brodie & Daniel Gold
of Charlotte, NC
Hudson - goldendoodle.jpg
Maggie - goldendoodle.jpg
Katie - goldendoodle.jpg
Latke - goldendoodle.jpg
ANNIE-Owned by Meg
Snyder of Midlothian, VA
JOEY-Owned by Dana
& Michael Glantz of
Los Angelos, CA
FARLEY-Owned by Pat
Genberg of Spencerport, NY
RILEY-Owned by Vivian Gold of
Westfield, NJ
Annie - goldendoodle.jpg
Farley - goldendoodle.jpg
Joey - goldendoodle.jpg
Riley - goldendoodle.jpg
COOPER-Owned by Justin &
Samara Sisserman of
COOPER-Owned by
Justin & Samara
Sisserman of Lutherville,
GINGER-Owned by
Rachel Schwartz of
Fairfax Station, VA
GINGER-Owned by Rachel
Schwartz of Fairfax Station,
Cooper - goldendoodle.jpg
Cooper - goldendoodle.jpg
Ginger - goldendoodle.jpg
Ginger - goldendoodle.jpg
BEAU w/his friend,
Henry-Owned by Michael Kane
of Baltimore, MD
BRADY-Owned by Ellie Corey of
Scarborough, ME
Beau - goldendoodle.jpg
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