We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. (www.GoldendoodleAssociation.com ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!
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F1 Mini/Medium Goldendoodles page 7
CODY-Owned by Susan
Wallace of
Wyckoff, NJ
MIDAS-Owned by
Felicia Rohrbaugh of
York, PA
MURPHY-Owned by
Brian Spencer of San
Diego, CA
GRACE-Owned by
Daphne Clinard of
Raleigh, NC
Cody - goldendoodle.jpg
Midas - goldendoodle.jpg
Murphy - goldendoodle.jpg
Grace - goldendoodle.jpg
OLIVE-Owned by Phyllis Cross
of Vienna, VA
TEDDY-Owned by Barbara
Briggs of Wallingford, PA
ROXY-Owned by David
Smith of Timonium, MD
ESPY-Owned Lisa Esack of
Nanuet, NY
Olive - goldendoodle.jpg
Teddy - goldendoodle.jpg
Roxy - goldendoodle.jpg
Espy - goldendoodle.jpg
SOPHIE-Owned by
Sue Peterson of Mt.
Airy, MD
CHLOE-Owned by Sue Jelley
of North Attleboro, ME
HUNNICUTT-Owned by Rick
Hildebrant of Midlothian, VA
HUNNICUTT-Owned by Rick
Hildebrant of Midlothian, VA
Sophie - goldendoodle.jpg
Chloe - goldendoodle.jpg
Hunnicutt - goldendoodle.jpg
Hunnicutt - goldendoodle.jpg
Alison & Kevin Ewing of
Bethesda, MD
CHEWY-Owned by Adrianne
Harris of Hillsdale, NJ
LITTLE PUP-Owned by Tricia
Maher-Miller of Alexandria, VA
KENZIE-Owned by Chrissy
Weaver of Mt. Tabor, NJ
Snickers - goldendoodle.jpg
Chewy - goldendoodle.jpg
Little Pup - goldendoodle.jpg
Kenzie - goldendoodle.jpg
REX-Owned by Leslie
Zeldes of Irvington, NY
TRUMAN-Owned by Jim &
Judy Heeter of Mission Hills,
BERNIE-Owned by
Peter Blicher of
N. Beach Haven, NJ
KC-Owned by Janet
Wazeter of Camp Hill, PA
Rex - goldendoodle.jpg
Truman - goldendoodle.jpg
Bernie - goldendoodle.jpg
KC - goldendoodle.jpg
BEE GEE-Owned by Nancy
Cullen of Long Neck, DE
BEE GEE-Owned by Nancy
Cullen of Long Neck, DE
JOEY-Owned by Cindy Wallace of
Pittsburgh, PA
JAKE-Owned by Joan Krayer of
Lancaster, PA
Bee Gee - goldendoodle.jpg
Bee Gee - goldendoodle.jpg
Joey - goldendoodle.jpg
Jake - goldendoodle.jpg
CALLIE-Owned by Denise
Rankin of Loveland, OH
FINN-Owned by Kristine
Heatwole of Salisbury, MD
ZEPPO-Owned by
Lise Levin of York, PA
CODY-Owned by Jill Schiffman
of New York, NY
Callie - goldendoodle.jpg
Finn - goldendoodle.jpg
Zeppo - goldendoodle.jpg
Cody - goldendoodle.jpg
JAKE-Owned by Kim & David
Porter of Scottown, OH
WALTER-Owned by Jennifer
Snyder of Old Greenwich, CT
WALTER-Owned by Jennifer
Snyder of Old Greenwich, CT
KADY-Owned by Melanie
B. in Maryland
Jake - goldendoodle.jpg
Walter - goldendoodle.jpg
Walter - goldendoodle.jpg
Kady - goldendoodle.jpg
CHUZZEL-Owned by
Sally Rea of Beaver, PA
GI GIE-Owned by Valarie
Gettle of York, PA
ELI-Owned by Mary Ellen
Hackett of Frederick, MD
DOMINO-Owned by
Thomas Hurney of
Pittsburgh, PA
Chuzzel - goldendoodle.jpg
Gi Gie - goldendoodle.jpg
Eli - goldendoodle.jpg
Domino - goldendoodle.jpg
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Gizmo - goldendoodle.jpg
GIZMO- Owned by Thomas Hurney of Pittsburgh, PA
Jake - goldendoodle.jpg
JAKE-Owned by Karen Dwyer of Lyndhurst, NJ
Brie - goldendoodle.jpg
BRIE-Owned by Kurt & Kara Kick of Winchester, VA
TEDDY-Owned by Debbie Abel of Owings Mills, MD
PRETZEL-Owned by Caitlin Clinard of Raleigh, NC
MAX-Owned by Shele Banford of Haymarket, VA