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We are one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle breed, the creator of the mini Goldendoodle, and founder of the Goldendoodle Association of North America, Inc. ( ). Our experience cannot be duplicated!
F1 Standard Goldendoodles Page 3
MACK-Owned by Pete &
Rachel Galla of Floral Park, NY
MACPHEE-Owned by
Jeanine & Jack Zaccara of
Port Chester, NY
MOLLIE-Owned by
Stephanie Henderson of
Piney Point, MD
KAOS-Owned by Dean &
Susan Clark of Ellicott City, MD
Mack - Goldendoodle.jpg
kaos - goldendoodle.jpg
SHELBY-Owned by Jeanne
Thomas of Rose Valley, PA
SADIE-Owned by Victoria
Salnikoff of Millbrook, NY
BAILEY-Owned by Randie &
Tony Paterno of Port Chester,
YANKEE-Owned by Chris &
Katie Fisher of Chester, NY
Shelby - goldendoodle.jpg
Sadie - goldendoodle.jpg
bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
Yankee - goldendoodle.jpg
GABBY-Owned by Sue
Schnaars of Woodbine, MD
KATO-Owned by Nancy
Willms of Isle of Palms, SC
LOLA & GUS-Owned by Kathleen
Sooy of Richmond, VA
MAGGIE-Owned by Suzanne
& Daniel McCooey of
Lattingtown, NY
Gabby - goldendoodle.jpg
Kato - goldendoodle.jpg
Lola and Gus - goldendoodle.jpg
Maggie - goldendoodle.jpg
HECTOR-Owned by
Nora Vlahoyiannis of
Reisterstown, MD
KRAMER-Owned by Patrick &
Michele Connor of Towson, MD
TOBY-Owned by Denise
Draper of Mt. Airy, MD
Kristi Rupert of Arlington,
Hector - goldendoodle.jpg
Kramer - goldendoodle.jpg
Toby - goldendoodle.jpg
Pennington - goldendoodle.jpg
LIONEL-Owned by Susan
Kunin of Spokane, WA
SHERMAN-Owned by
Heather Greene of
Allentown, PA
LIKO-Owned by Rebeccah &
Eric Sensenbrenner of Chevy
Chase, MD
MOLLY-Owned by
Caitlyn Forrester of
Huntington, NY
Lionel - goldendoodle.jpg
Sherman - goldendoodle.jpg
Liko - goldendoodle.jpg
Molly - Goldendoodle.jpg
KODIAK-Owned by
Stephanie & Eric
Leininger of Dunkirk,
KINSEY-Owned by Robin
Stephens of Columbia, MD
BRADY-Owned by Robin &
Barry Kostin of South Natick,
OLIVER-Owned by
Janie & John Matter of
Williamsport, PA
Kodiak - goldendoodle.jpg
kinsey - goldendoodle.jpg
Brady - goldendoodle.jpg
Oliver - goldendoodle.jpg
MAX-Owned by Beth
Michelson of Owings Mills, MD
RILEY-Owned by Vicki
May of Fairfax, VA
LUCY-Owned by Michael
Burns of Bedford, MA
LOKI-Owned by Suzanne &
Erik Lewis of Frederick, MD
Max - goldendoodle.jpg
Riley - goldendoodle.jpg
Lucy - goldendoodle.jpg
Loki - goldendoodle.jpg
REX-Owned by Judy
Currier of Emerson, NJ
BUDDY-Owned by
Kevin Porreco of
Gainesville, VA
BUDDY-Owned by
Kevin Porreco of
Gainesville, VA
ELLA-Owned by Kelsey
Carmichael of Reading, MA
Rex - goldendoodle.jpg
Buddy - goldendoodle.jpg
Buddy - goldendoodle.jpg
Ella - goldendoodle.jpg
ROMAN-Owned by
Donna Vierra of Silver
Spring, MD
MAGGIE-Owned by Kim & Tad
Woodward of Queenstown, MD
MAGGIE-Owned by Kim & Tad
Woodward of Queenstown, MD
Roman - goldendoodle.jpg
Maggie - goldendoodle.jpg
Maggie - goldendoodle.jpg
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