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Multigen Mini/Medium Goldendoodles  page 5
SCOUT-Owned by Cheryl
Einhorn of Potomac, MD
BAXTER-Owned by
Boudewijn VanLent of
Wexford, PA
RILEY-Owned by Dena
Gallagher of Gaithersburg, MD
COOPER-Owned by Chuck &
Karen Sibble of North Granby, CT
Scout - goldendoodle.jpg
Baxter - goldendoodle.jpg
Riley - goldendoodle.jpg
Cooper - goldendoodle.jpg
BRANDY-Owned by Barbara
DiMasso of Kensington, MD
INDY-Owned by Brooke Frampton
of North Ridgeville, OH
TILLY-Owned by Michael &
Karen Shalett of Ridgefield, CT
CHELSEA-Owned by Julie
Gur of Irvington, NY
Brandy - goldendoodle.jpg
Indy - goldendoodle.jpg
Tilly - goldendoodle.jpg
Chelsea - goldendoodle.jpg
OVIE-Owned by Caprice
Black of Gainesville, VA
CALVIN-Owned by Brad &
Debbie Lieberman of
Ellicott City, MD
QUINN-Owned by Sarah
Lessler of Easton, CT
DEWEY-Owned by Jill
Isaacs of Westport, CT
Ovie - goldendoodle.jpg
Calvin - goldendoodle.jpg
Quinn - goldendoodle.jpg
T-Bone-Owned by Sandy
Wexler of Gaithersburg, MD
DEXTER-Owned by
Rosemary & David Goldberg
of Alexandria, VA
LILLY-Owned by Tammy
Scannell of Leesburg, VA
MURPHY-Owned by Scott &
Tricia Felrice of Germantown, MD
Lilly - goldendoodle.jpg
Murphy - goldendoodle.jpg
CHANCE-Owned by
Anne Kelly of
Alexandria, VA
Chance - goldendoodle.jpg
CHANCE-Owned by
Anne Kelly of
Alexandria, VA
PARKER-Owned by Caron
Askinosie of Springfield, MO
PARKER-Owned by Caron
Askinosie of Springfield, MO
Chance - goldendoodle.jpg
Parker - goldendoodle.jpg
Parker - goldendoodle.jpg
by Larry DeShon of
Morristown, NJ
HOMER-Owned by Blake
and Scott Doyle of
Bethesda, MD
MORGAN-Owned by Paulette
Mikolacik of Latrobe, PA
PORSCHE-Owned by
Ernest & Mary Swanson
of Millersville, MD
Murphy - goldendoodle.jpg
Homer - goldendoodle.jpg
Morgan - goldendoodle.jpg
Porsche - goldendoodle.jpg
MAX-Owned by Elizabeth
Gainey of Kingston, MA
MAX-Owned by Elizabeth
Gainey of Kingston, MA
LANDON-Owned by April
Cliber of Goodrich, MI
BUDDY-Owned by Mary
Harvey of Holden, MA
Max - goldendoodle.jpg
Landon - goldendoodle.jpg
Buddy - goldendoodle.jpg
BUDDY-Owned by Finn Byrd of
Holly Spring, Nc
NYLO-Owned by Neal
and Nina Raoji of Old
Bridge, NJ
NYLO-Owned by Neal
and Nina Raoji of Old
Bridge, NJ
SPLASH-Owned by Trip Ritchie
of N. Myrtle Beach, SC
Buddy - goldendoodle.jpg
Nylo - goldendoodle.jpg
Nylo - goldendoodle.jpg
Splash - goldendoodle.jpg
DUNES-Owned by Denise
Bloodgood of Westport, CT
SANDY BEACH-Owned by Jitka
Terhaerdt of Chadds Ford, PA
AUSTEN-Owned by Cathie
Crosby of Ft. Collins, CO
SAM-Owned by Nancy
Heiser of Bethesda, MD
Dunes - goldendoodle.jpg
Sandy Beach - goldendoodle.jpg
BAILEY-Owned by Samatha
Winokur of Philadelphia, PA
TILLY (F2B) and Buddy (F3 flat
coat)-Owned by Lynda Byrd of
Holly Spring, NC
REILLY (and Nelson, F1 mini)
- Owned by Liz Dunsmore of
Shorewood, MN
LEVI-Owned by Kerri & Aaron
Michnya of Columbia, PA
Tilly - goldendoodle.jpg
Reilly - goldendoodle.jpg
Dewey - goldendoodle.jpg
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Ferguson - goldendoodle.jpg
FERGUSON-Owned by Pam McLean of Princeton, NJ
Bailey - goldendoodle.jpg
Molly - goldendoodle.jpg
MOLLY-Owned by Rob Fast of Scarsdale, NY
Belle - goldendoodle.jpg
BELLE-Owned by Cassie Pallon of Deep River, CT
Murphy - goldendoodle.jpg
MURPHY-Owned by Pat & Cindy Barry of Brick, NJ
GINGER owned by Kent Messer & Kate Hackett of Wilmington, DE
CHARLIE-Owned by Summer & Dan of Luguna Beach, CA
LOLA-Owned by Sarah Gordon & Melanie Gart of Washington, DC
MOLLY-Owned by Therese Werner of Clarksville, MD
MIZZY-Owned by Anna Ripple of Gaithersburg, MD
COSMO-Owned by Laura Dennis of River Vale, NJ
WAFFLES-Owned by Laura Dennis of River Vale, NJ