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The World's Third Litter of Multigen Mini Goldendoodles - 2/22/09 Litter
All 3 are boys!
multigen mini goldendoodles.jpg
1-Rusty owned by Kyle Tabor Furr of Norfolk, VA
2-Manny owned Charlene Horne of Vienna, VA
3-Creasy owned by Catherine Rice of Baltimore, MD

#1 will have a curly coat similar to an F1B
#2 will have a flat coat similar to a Golden Retriever
#3 will have a wavy coat similar to an F1

              Watch here for updated photos.

Rusty at 8 weeks
Rusty at 8 mos.
Rusty at 2 years
Rusty - goldendoodle.jpg
Rusty - goldendoodle.jpg
Creasy - goldendoodle.jpg
Creasy at 10 weeks
Creasy at 9 mos. pre haircut
Creasy at 9 mos. post haircut
Creasy - goldendoodle.jpg
Creasy - goldendoodle.jpg
Manny  at 10 weeks
Manny at 9 mos
Manny - goldendoodle.jpg
Manny - goldendoodle.jpg
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