Available & Upcoming Litters

We are accepting applications for our upcoming litters! Please apply here.

The Process

All of our puppies are $4500 plus 6% sales tax if picked up in the state of West Virginia.

Applicants are placed on a master list vs a litter list. When a litter arrives, families are selected in the order of which applications are received. Your placement in litters will determine your status on the waiting list and how flexible you are on gender and color. If you are highly specific on your criteria, it could take longer to match you with a litter. If you are flexible on gender and color, your wait may only be 2-3 months or shorter, but we cannot guarantee timing.

To reserve a puppy in our upcoming litters, please apply here and submit the $500 application fee which is applied towards the purchase price of the puppy. This fee is non-refundable. Once a litter arrives you are selected for, we will request a $1500 Litter Commitment Fee. This is non-refundable and non-transferable, but is applied towards the final balance of your puppy. We feel it’s essential to make sure our puppies go home on time and are able to bond with their families and enjoy the remainder of their socialization period in their loving homes. Having families that switch from one litter to another litter means a puppy may not find it’s permanent home by the time the rest of their littermates go home. In the interest of ensuring as much stability for our puppies as possible, we have a litter commitment fee due when you commit to a specific litter to help us ensure families are committed to taking home their puppy.