Available Puppies

Last updated 9/24/21

We are accepting applications for our upcoming litters! Please apply here.

You can find pictures and health testing for our parent dogs here.

Star/Gunnar are due 9/30 and will have females in the 30-40 lbs range and males in the 35-45 lb range.

Daisy/Linus are due 10/25 and will have pups in the 25-40 lb range. *Pregnancy is not confirmed yet*

We are breeding Ellie/Teddy for puppies in the 20-35 lb range. *Breeding has not taken place yet*

We have one female mini Goldendoodle available for Guardianship! Please review the Guardian agreement and apply here!

Guardian homes receive our pick of the litter free of charge with the agreement that she will come back to us to have her litters before she is permanently signed over you. You must live within 2 hours of Berkeley Springs, WV. Please contact me at fcfgoldendoodles2@gmail.com