Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp

We are pleased to announce that we work with a local trainer who offers board and train programs for puppies. We will deliver your puppy to Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp at eight weeks of age and they would keep them anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on what training program you decide upon. The recommended program is the 6 week program.

Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp Training Degrees:

Bachelor’s Degree

Owners who work or have children or would like a puppy who has caught on to living in a home and what to do and not do, this training program is the minimum recommendation. . All puppies are trained to stay in their crate without potty accidents for a minimum of 4/5 hours at night, most much longer. At this age, their bladders are quite small and some may require at least one potty trip during the night. Most will alert you for this potty break. Please note that puppies vary in how quickly they pick up on crate and potty training. Some may take longer.

Your puppy will be started on potty training and will learn the commands for such. They will also learn some basic commands, such as sit, down and paw along with a number of other useful commands such as OFF, leave it, wait, etc. They will be introduced to the leash as well. Puppies will be walked on our property or in safe areas near our home. Since puppies are not vaccinated fully until 16 weeks, caution needs to be taken to prevent exposure to viruses.

Many puppies start to develop their confidence at about 10 weeks and also start nipping and jumping at this time, some earlier. We focus on correcting these so that they do not become a habit as they mature. Many of the puppies in this program are about 75% potty trained by the time they arrive home and can be left for 4-5 hours in their crate during the day. However, they are still puppies and will need to be monitored at all times if not crated for night time or naps

Your puppy will require a dose of flea and tick medication, which will be given upon arrival at camp. Should any health issues arise, Owner will be notified immediately. Puppy will be taken to vet at Owner’s expense. Should puppies need vaccines and/or health certificates prior to going home, this will be taken care of by the trainer but will be the financial responsibility of the owner. All puppies see a vet within 72 hours of pickup from the breeder.

Puppy will come home with toys that have his/her scent and those of his camp buddies to aid in a calm transition. Videos and pictures will be provided on a regular basis during the puppy’s
stay. This Degree requires 4 weeks of enrollment at a cost of $1,995.

Master’s Degree (trainer/breeder recommended minimum length)

The Master’s Degree is a continuation of the Bachelor’s Degree with more focus on leash work, playing independently, socialization outside the home, continued potty training, as well as some advanced commands. As your puppy matures, trusting him/her with more space within the home is crucial. There are many temptations such as getting into things they should not, countersurfing, and testing the waters in how far they can push an owner as far as behaviors. We work on these continually. As each week goes by, different bad habits show themselves and being there to correct immediately is very important. This Degree requires 6 weeks of enrollment at $2,950.

PHD Degree (Our most popular program)

Our PHD Degree is our most popular program. By the age of 4 months, your puppy should be 95% potty and crate trained, as well as proficient at basic commands, walking calmly on leash, not nipping or biting, and can be trusted to be in your home with a moderate amount of supervision. Your puppy will come home to their new family with all he/she needs to have a great start on life and with owners having the ability to thoroughly enjoy their new puppy (yes, they are still puppies) but without all of the headaches of the first two months. This Degree requires 8 weeks of enrollment at a cost of $3,850.

Professorial Degree

Our Professorial Degree is the highest level of training we offer. At the age of 5 months, your puppy will be proficient in all of the above. In addition, your puppy will have had all of the basic vaccines (included in training cost). Your puppy will be able to go on excursions to areas where other dogs may be, outdoor restaurants (weather permitting), local stores, and if local, will have multiple visits with their owners. Your puppy will also be groomed professionally (included in training cost). This program is optimal for busy professionals. This Degree requires 12 weeks of enrollment at a cost of $5,395.

Trainer on Call Program

We understand that most owners cannot wait to get their new puppy home. But the task of taking on all of the training on your own can be quite daunting. If you are in a position to do your own training, we are here to make the transition easier. As the creator of the training programs and philosophy at Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp 6 years ago, our trainers have trained over 200 puppies. I felt it was time to offer a program that would help those who want to do the hands on training of their puppy themselves.

With our Trainer on Call Program, I will work with you from the moment you choose your puppy, to what supplies you will need, how to work through crate training, potty training, basic commands and leash training. I will be there when you have questions, need to correct a problem, or you just want to share how excited you are that your puppy “got it”! Having a support system with a new puppy is so important.

If you are local (within 150 miles) of Martinsburg, WV, I will meet at your residence a week or two before you puppy is due to arrive to discuss such things as best place for gates, crate, inside play area and detailed instructions on how your routine should go the first week of
training. After your puppy has been home for a week or two, I will come back to go over the progress or lack thereof and give pointers on how to proceed. Once your puppy hits the 4 month mark, I will come out again to see the progress and give you pointers going forward into adulthood.

You will be provided with step by step instructions for each phase of your puppy’s training up until 4 months of age. I will be available for unlimited telephone or text support during that time as well.

If you are not local, video chat, text or telephone, is also available. Our goal is for the owner to be at ease with taking on the challenge of training your new puppy and to set your puppy up for success.

Cost: $895
Virtual Only: $595

***Additional days added to any program @ $75/day

Please note that puppies require constant reinforcement of the training tools they leave boot camp with. While these programs offered are great foundations for your new puppy, they are just that, foundations. You will need to continue the training to insure that your puppy grows to become a great dog. Should you have questions or concerns, your trainer is available throughout your puppy’s life. Getting a dog is a lifetime investment and requires a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it!

Please note that we have a limited number of trainers for our Board and Train programs and tend to book up before puppies are even born. Our reservation fee is $300 and is non-refundable. Please note that we do not overbook and stay in constant contact with the breeder regarding upcoming litters and estimated time for a puppy to arrive for training.

Please contact us with any questions regarding Milo’s Puppy Boot Camp or if you wish to enroll your new puppy, at or 240-290-1077.

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To place a reservation, please visit our website at The password is doodlepuppybootcamp. Please complete the enrollment application. There are also payment options for the reservation fee of $300.

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