Puppy Preparation


At home online training.


At home online training.

Housebreaking/Puppy Care and Training 

This page will give you the basics for crate training and general training.

Important Information on Puppy Socialization

This link is a video about the importance of socializing your puppy during the imprinting stages.

Recommended Reading/Videos to Answer Typical Questions

I have several books I recommend you read before you receive your puppy.  I have made a few videos that should answer most of your questions.

Supply List/Snuggle Puppies

This link provides you with a clickable shopping list (Amazon) to help you purchase all the supplies you will need before you bring your puppy home.  Snuggle Puppies are worth their weight in gold as they help your puppy sleep better at night.  Affiliate Disclosure – Some links on this site are affiliate links to help support the work we put into it.  Visitors are not required to use affiliate links, but the support is much appreciated.

Order Dry Kibble Dog Food

Your puppy will be used to eating a mixture of proteins in their dry kibble to ensure they are getting all the benefits different proteins can provide. Dogs also enjoy a variety of food! Your puppy will be eating 2 different proteins with PawTree dry food. The two proteins are PawTree Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe and PawTree Salmon, Peas & Sweet Potato Recipe These foods are not available in retail stores. They are organic foods which contain no preservatives, fillers, corn, or gluten. They are the highest quality foods I have found. You can order bags online and it will be delivered to your home. We recommend that you set up an automatic delivery for every 30 days so you do not have to think about ordering food. You can easily log into your account at a later date to adjust the amount or frequency as often as needed.  First time customers can use the promo code INTRO4U to receive 20% off up to the first $100.  Setting up an auto ship (called EZ ship) for three wellness products with your food order will give you free shipping.  Affiliate Disclosure – pawTree links on this site are affiliate links to help support the work we put into it.  Visitors are not required to use affiliate links, but the support is much appreciated.

Wash’n Zip Pet Bed

Fully Washable Pet Bed!

We have used and recommend The Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed.  This bed is unlike any other dog bed we’ve seen for these reasons:

  • Easily and entirely launderable
  • Multiple uses (dog bed, crate pad, furniture throw, blanket, car seat cover)
  • No annoying cover to remove…just unzip and throw in the washer
  • Aids with flea & odor prevention
  • Good value for the price

We HIGHLY recommend considering their Puppy Proofer to help deter your pup from the temptation of gnawing on the zipper and bed corners.

The owners/inventors, Stan and Jennifer, have provided our clients a special 15% discount code to use…enter FOX in the coupon code box of their website shopping cart, or they are happy to take your order over the phone (407-454-1167).   They donate $5 to rescue groups for each bed purchase and are a small home-based family business!


This link will address many commonly asked questions.

Recommended Trainers/Boarding Facilities/Groomers

These are all recommended by Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodle owners.

Puppy Proofing Your Home

This link gives you lots of information about preparing your home for your new puppy including things that are toxic to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Human Food?

A comprehensive list of tons of human food dogs can eat or should avoid.


Like babies, puppies don’t come with a manual. We are here to help! theDoghood is an online dog community platform to connect all Pet Parents. 

The moment you download the app, it will plug you into a warm, caring community of all the dog owners who are on theDogHood both in your neighborhood and beyond, without sharing any personal information. You can ASK questions, find recommendations for services, find other dogs to socialize with, attend dog-centric events and share cute pictures of your pup, all with a click on the APP. theDogHood makes owning a dog even more enjoyable with the AMAZING support system from theDogHood community.

(Available on the App Store – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/thedoghood/id1547568850



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