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Professional training available before you take your puppy home.


BAXTER & Bella

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to become a new puppy parent… it is without any doubt one of the most rewarding and worthwhile relationships we know!

As such, now is the best time to start preparing for your new canine companionship. In fact, one of the questions we are most frequently asked by our new and existing animal owners is, “How do we best prepare for and successfully train our new puppy?” This question doesn’t come as a surprise, as we have found every animal owner wants a well-trained, well-mannered, well-behaved forever family pet, but oftentimes they don’t know the who, what, when, where, why and how surrounding properly training their new puppy for the most optimal outcome. As you can imagine, puppy parenting and training can begin to be extremely overwhelming, and recognize it or not, new puppy parents become trainers the day their dog arrives home!

We now have a great answer to this question and are very excited to announce we have officially partnered with BAXTER & Bella, providing all of the training resources puppy parents need in order to experience better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship! Their online puppy school was designed and developed to walk new animal owners step-by-step through the entire training process, even from before a puppy arrives home, helping establish a solid training foundation and detailing how to properly set up the house. What’s more, their systemized program, including the many video demonstrations, showing how to instill good doggy manners, coaching on how to properly teach the wanted obedience commands, walking pet parents through how to successfully housetrain, discussing why and how to effectively socialize your dog for a happy and healthy future together and so much more… in short, providing the the very best training resource we have come to know and trust!

As briefly noted above, the first few units of their PUPPY PREP curriculum will help you prepare for your new puppy and ideally should be completed prior to your canine companion arriving home. Obviously then, we strongly encourage you to sign up now and get started right away with their exclusive Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY access!

What’s more, to receive a special 25% discount on this program, remember to enter the discount code FCF at checkout.

Housebreaking/Puppy Care and Training 

This page will give you the basics for crate training and general training.

Important Information on Puppy Socialization

This link is a video about the importance of socializing your puppy during the imprinting stages.

Recommended Reading/Videos to Answer Typical Questions

I have several books I recommend you read before you receive your puppy.  I have made a few videos that should answer most of your questions.

Supply List/Snuggle Puppies

This link provides you with a clickable shopping list (Amazon) to help you purchase all the supplies you will need before you bring your puppy home.  Snuggle Puppies are worth their weight in gold as they help your puppy sleep better at night.  Affiliate Disclosure – Some links on this site are affiliate links to help support the work we put into it.  Visitors are not required to use affiliate links, but the support is much appreciated.

Order Dog Food

Life’s Abundance is a top quality food that is grain, dye, and preservative free.  Check out the other items offered by Life’s Abundance which include treats/rewards, chew items to keep your puppy busy, shampoo, supplements, and even human items!


PawTree is another top quality food that is grain, dye, and preservative free made from only natural ingredients.  Your puppy will have been raised on Life’s Abundance which is a chicken based food.  Some dogs end up having allergies to chicken, so PawTree is the solution when you need a protein source that does not come from poultry as they have many different protein source based foods.  PawTree also has a great solution for picky eaters.  They have tasty seasonings to add to the daily food ration that makes the food irresistible!  They have a holistic remedy for hot spots, loose stools, itchy skin, and many other issues.  Check out the website for other great products as well.


CBD oil is shown to reduce anxiety and support the joints while your puppy is growing. This will make for a better experience when going to the groomer or vet so please keep it on hand! They have it in oil, capsule, or treat form.

Whistle Go Explore!

Whistle is a pet tracker that offers it all. With Whistle Go Explore you can:
– Always know your pets location
– Analyze your pets licking, scratching, and sleeping and then send a 30 day report to your vet
– Have a detailed breakdown of their day – where they went with who and for how long, how much time was spent napping and walking
– Have access to a food portion calculator
– Track calories burned, distance traveled, minutes active
– Earn badges on your progress!!


A customized stuffed animal look alike of your pet! This is great as a gift to your children or family!


This link will address many commonly asked questions.

Recommended Trainers/Boarding Facilities/Groomers

These are all recommended by Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodle owners.

Puppy Proofing Your Home

This link gives you lots of information about preparing your home for your new puppy including things that are toxic to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Human Food?

A comprehensive list of tons of human food dogs can eat or should avoid.


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nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements veterinarian recommended

Wash’n Zip Pet Bed

Fully Washable Pet Bed!

We have used and recommend The Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed.  This bed is unlike any other dog bed we’ve seen for these reasons:

  • Easily and entirely launderable
  • Multiple uses (dog bed, crate pad, furniture throw, blanket, car seat cover)
  • No annoying cover to remove…just unzip and throw in the washer
  • Aids with flea & odor prevention
  • Good value for the price

We HIGHLY recommend considering their Puppy Proofer to help deter your pup from the temptation of gnawing on the zipper and bed corners.

The owners/inventors, Stan and Jennifer, have provided our clients a special 15% discount code to use…enter FOX in the coupon code box of their website shopping cart, or they are happy to take your order over the phone (407-454-1167).   They donate $5 to rescue groups for each bed purchase and are a small home-based family business!

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