See what people are saying about our dogs!

Hi there! Briefly, more details later, I wanted you both to know that Teddy’s alert training is going beyond well. His owner, ******* had a massive heart attack in her sleep a few days ago. Her Apple Watch didn’t alert her, but TEDDY did. He started pawing her and jumping on her, and then barking, which brought her night nurses in and they rushed her to the hospital. She almost didn’t make it, but thanks to Teddy, she’s still with us. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Hi there. I’m a dog trainer who specializes in coaching families through puppyhood, and I foster litters of rescues using Puppy Culture. So many troubling doodles have come through my doors — often from PA, often with giardia, often with zero eye contact. So I went to my consult with the ***** feeling dejected in advance. But … there was little Beamer, manding all over the place, happily sleeping in his crate night #1, heading to the door when he had to pee, utterly unfazed by this new stranger, etc. I almost cried. I know a Puppy Culture pup when I see one. Thank you for being a responsible breeder. I know full well how much work it is. But the diff between your pup and the rest of the doodles out there is night and day. So thank you and congrats. I’m going to recommend you.

Annie loves to play fetch and run. She is very fast and light on her feet. She is a tomboy when she plays with her brother, Hoot, but is a real momma’s girl and follows me everywhere. She is very smart! She likes to roam around the house at night checking on everyone, She can settle and rest or she can be ready to zoom around the yard. She is a Therapy Dog in Training for Fido’s For Freedom and will be certified at the end of this year.

Bruni is amazing and is the perfect dog for our family. He is smart, friendly, gentle, sweet, silly, lovable, and good with friends, strangers, and other dogs. He is also so handsome, especially with his white markings, to the point where people stop us on the street / at the park constantly!

Cider is the dream dog! She is so smart, funny, and most importantly, cuddly! She is always ready with a dog hug when I come home each day and just wants to be with you! Everywhere we go, we are constantly sopped by people remarking how beautiful she is with her white markings. She is smart-almost too smart- and she came home Milos ready to learn and be a part of our lives furever! Thank you FCF for the best friend anyone could ask for!

Cooper truly is the sweetest puppy, and is the ideal city dog. He is a very calm dog who never barks and loves meeting new people. Every day, Cooper brings me so much joy, but most importantly, he derives so much joy from bringing others joy when he meets them. Almost every day, someone will comment on how much like a teddy bear he is, how handsome his markings are, and his generally sweet demeanor. In just the last 4 months that Cooper has been with me, he has brought so much happiness into my life. I’ve never met a puppy with as much personality as Cooper. He has his moments of being silly, but he’s incredibly intelligent and sweet to other people. I’m so excited to see how Cooper continues to grow and learn. Thank you for bringing this gift into my life!

Wilson has brought so much happiness into our lives. He is intelligent, loving, silly, and so, so sweet. Thank you FCF for matching my fiancé and I to Wilson. We cannot imagine our life without him!! We will definitely be back for a sibling. 🙂

Zosia has been a great addition to my family. From the day I picked her up she has been by my side and is truly my best friend. She’s fearless, sassy, and oh so sweet. Her temperament is pretty calm, but she also has her moments where she is full of energy and excitement. She is amazing at self play and usually get EVERY SINGLE TOY out of the toy box before the night is over. Everyone who has met her has absolutely loved her – I always get comments about how happy of a dog she is. Fox Creek Farms did an amazing job with matching Zosia up with me and I will be forever grateful for that. Thank you for giving me my “furrever” friend.

Dear Kelsey,

Words cannot express how thrilled we are with Jolene joining our family. She has been with us for a little more than two weeks and the transition to our home was literally seamless. She is such a smart, friendly, fun, cuddly, loving puppy. She has brought back some pep in our thirteen year old Jack and has really been an absolute joy. They bonded immediately. I don’t know what Waffles and Dart are like, but sweet Jolene has the most pleasant disposition. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious girl.

Riley is the nicest dog and loves both people and dogs equally. He loves long walks, swimming, and playing with all of his toys. We are looking forward to starting a family because we know he will just love our kids 🙂

Ruby is such a sweet girl and so easy to have around. She loves to play with other dogs but is also content on walks and playing in the yard. In the mornings she loves to be pet and cuddled but at night she prefers to have her space. She was so easy to housebreak and we couldn’t be happier!

Murphy is a happy, curious pup. She loves to run around in the backyard and play with other dogs at doggie daycare (we take her for half days about 3 times/week). She gives great hugs and is a great cuddle pup/snuggler on a cold winter day or any day! Our vet’s office told us she would be a great therapy dog, which I was considering anyway as a future endeavor.

We are so in love with this dog! I am so thrilled that she is such a cuddle bug. Very affectionate! She’s 100% puppy! We really enjoy her and to be honest she is exactly what we asked for. Temperament is just precious and so loving. He likes to walk and run and has gotten big and strong and can go on longer walks now, but he is also content to hang out and nap when we are working at home. Super easy-going and all-around awesome. We feel so lucky and grateful for our wonderful puppy! Hank is truly a dream dog – so sweet and playful and loving. We love him so much and say a big thank you to everyone at Fox Creek for bringing him into our life!

Dazzle is a fabulous little pup! She has adjusted beautifully to her active NYC life! She’s a bit sassy (I call her sassy Dazzy) but in a good way. So much personality. She is full of love & joy! She loves sticks, balls, all her toys, all humans and all dogs (even big ones! She’s fearless).

Dash has been an amazing addition to our family! He is friendly, happy, sweet and very smart. He is also a great looking dog with beautiful coloring. I can’t even count the number of times that I have been stopped on the street by people with compliments.