Please print and mail to Fox Creek Farm, 780 Shanghai Rd., Berkeley Springs, WV 25411.  A $300 application fee must accompany your application.  A personal check payable to Fox Creek Farm is acceptable or you can pay via Zelle sent to  Once your application is accepted, you will be offered a puppy typically within 1 to 6 mos. You will be notified when your name has been reached. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your reservation when your name is reached.

Petite (under 25 lb.)        Mini (26-35 lb.)        Medium (36-50 lb.)        Standard (50+ lb.)

Parti colors are $3700 and all others are $3500 plus 6% sales tax on pups picked up in WV



Children & ages____________________________________________________________________________

Does anyone have allergies to dogs_________________________________________________________

I live in a (circle one) House       Condo/Apartment             Townhome

Acreage accessible to a dog____________________Is it fenced?________________________________

Previously owned dogs____________________________________________________________________

Current dogs/breeds/genders______________________________________________________________

How many hours a day would a puppy be home alone?______________________________________

Will you pick up your puppy or need it shipped?_____________________________________________

Please note that if a specific gender, color, or coat type is requested, your wait for a puppy could be extended.  We do not produce red standards, so that color choice is not available in that size.  Parti is not available in the petite size and there is limited availability.  Please give other color choices if choosing parti.

Gender preference (circle one)       Male        Female         Either

Color Preference (circle one)           Blonde               Golden               Red               Any of these

Coat Preference (circle one)         Curly            Wavy            Any of these

98% of our puppies are wavy.  Curly is available in minis only and upon request.

Ideal adult weight you desire________________ lbs. Please give minimum and maximum with at least a 10 lb. range



I understand the $300 accompanying this completed application is an application fee and not a deposit. Therefore, it is non-refundable and will only be applied to the final balance due when I purchase a puppy.  This application will not be added to the FCF waiting list without my signature below.


Applicant’s signature and date required