Upcoming Bernedoodle Program

After years of research, we are excited to share with you our upcoming Bernedoodle program! Get to learn the breed below.


The big question. How is their health? Well, we certainly are new to the breed and do not have any data ourselves to look at. However, we have worked with thoughtful breeders we love and trust (mostly fellow GANA breeders) to acquire our foundation breeding stock. We have researched their lines and found there are several generations of health tested dogs with great temperaments beyond the dogs we’ve acquired for breeding. We are aiming for a lifespan similar to our Goldendoodles (12-15 years on average).


So far we are finding the Bernedoodles to be overall calmer, and more relaxed than the Goldendoodle. On the other hand, they can be a bit more stubborn.


Our Bernedoodle puppies will be raised with the same health testing standards and enrichment protocols as our Goldendoodle puppies. Our Bernedoodles will be fully health tested before breeding with the following health tests:

  • PennHip at 16 weeks
  • OFA hips at 12 & 24 months
  • OFA elbows at 12 & 24 months
  • OFA Eyes before breeding and repeated every 2 years
  • OFA heart & patella at 12 months
  • DNA diseases prevalent in the Bernese Mtn Dog and Poodle


All Bernedoodle puppies will be raised with Puppy Culture, ENS, and our own methods of socialization developed over the years of raising puppies.


At this time, most of our puppies will be 40 lbs and up. We are working to acquire mini Bernedoodle girls to pair with our mini Bernedoodle stud, Bennett.


While we are getting started, we could produce a few puppies that could shed a little more than our Goldendoodles. We will only be breeding multigenerational Bernedoodles, but some could only have one copy of furnishings (IC carrier), instead of two. Some puppies who are IC carriers can shed a little more than those who have two copies of furnishings. They will still shed much, much less than a Bernese Mountain Dog. As we progress in our program, we will soon create non-shedding Bernedoodle puppies. This is a high priority for us.


Our first litters will be from Shelby and Pepper most likely in the summer/fall of 2022. We will open the waiting list to our repeat customers first and will then take applications from the public if there’s still room. We will not open the waiting list for Bernedoodle puppies until the first girl comes into heat to be bred.


We will determine pricing as we get closer to having our first litter.

Our Bernedoodles

Our Stud


Bennett is a mini Traditional Tri Multigenerational Bernedoodle. Bennett is playful and a great family pet! He knows basic commands and mastered them quickly. He loves to play fetch. He gets along well with dogs and cats. He loves snuggles. He potty trained easily. He was easy to crate train. He loves attention. He’s great with kids! He loves being brushed and groomed. His guardian family says they are lucky to have him apart of their family!

Our Dams


Shelby is a Traditional Tri F1 Standard Bernedoodle.


Pepper is a Sable Tri F1 Standard Bernedoodle.


Clara is a mini Sable Tri F1b Bernedoodle. She currently weighs 32 lbs


Minka is an adorable Phantom Merle Multigenerational Medium Bernedoodle who lives with her guardian home family in Falls Church, VA. She is happy and energetic and loves to play with her FCF sister, Daisy. Minka stayed with me when she was about 3 months old while her family was on vacation. She was very well behaved for a puppy and was very brave and adaptable! Some of Minka’s offspring will have her pattern and markings.


Tilly is a Sable Tri Multigenerational Medium Bernedoodle.